Healed Marriage: “The affects were nothing short of amazing…”

– Jeff

I would like to share a facet of the healing that recently took place in our marriage through God’s work in Aletheia Ministry in 2010. During a prayer, my ministry team and I asked God to show us any areas of healing that needed to take place or of any bondages that needed to be broken. What we received back from God was astounding. From past relationships prior to marriage, including friendships and romantic there were several instances of emotional damage that took place within me that God needed to heal. The first step was for me to pray and release forgiveness for the other person involved and then ask God to forgive me for any sin on my part. Then we asked God to break any spiritual bonds or ties to the other person, and restore and fill that place with the Holy Spirit. My wife also went through a similar process during her prayer session. The effects were nothing short of amazing and also true to God’s word. In His word he promises to give us “beauty for ashes”. To me this means that He grants blessings for times of devastation in our lives. That is exactly what He did for us. I noticed that after my prayer session that our marriage had a fresh feeling of life and I had an increased love for her. It seems that God enhanced our feelings even further for each other and a deeper spiritual intimacy was reached between us. It has helped us to feel more comfortable praying with and for each other and I believe has increased the effectiveness of our prayers. I can clearly see Jesus in our marriage now leading and directing us. I believe God restored our marriage in the image of what he originally designed marriage to be.
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